Saturday, June 29, 2013

Eight Observations

There are eight foundational observations that reflect where the traditional denominational church is; and they form the basis for developing an effective strategy for transforming the church toward full gospel engagement.  (Remember, by “church” I am referring to the “traditional, denominational, local church in America.”)

(1)   The “Church in America” has become the “Americanized Church” putting individual prosperity, “me first” lifestyle, and “you’re on your own” morality ahead of serving others.

(2)   Members are encouraged to “come to the church” to experience Christianity and give their money instead of “going through the church” to serve the world.

(3)   The church’s primary focus is inward – on buildings, staff, raising money, and providing entertainment – leaving very little energy and interest in serving others outside the church.

(4)   Most churches only measure membership and money, not serving others.

(5)   The vast majority of church members are not actively and regularly engaged in the life of the church.

(6)   Most pastor leaders feel they can’t, or shouldn’t, change the “salvation only” emphasis within their congregation.

(7)   Too many members believe that serving others is someone else’s responsibility, and for those that aren’t served, it’s their own fault or God has chosen to ignore their plight.

(8)   Non-denominational churches are growing rapidly in number of churches and actively engaged participants, because their core beliefs include serving others.