Thursday, August 1, 2013

Let's Just Imagine

LET'S JUST IMAGINE FOR A MOMENT what might happen in our family, community, nation, and world if all believers helped usher in the Kingdom of God on earth!
     When more people embrace their role in the Kingdom of God here on earth, their minds, eyes, ears, hands, feet and voice will be used to reflect their faith.
     They will use their eyes to look for needs that are unmet, and to watch over those in positions of authority. 

     They will use their ears to listen for the cries of those in pain, and to hear and address the comments that demean those in need. 

     They will use their mind to think of ways to get involved, and to question for themselves what God would have them do for Him.
     They will use their hands to do what is needed, remembering that it is through their hands that Jesus touches the “least of these.” 

     They will use their feet to go where needed – overseas, across the street or into the voting booth – to bring the Kingdom of God to those in need.

     They will use their voice to speak up and out for those without voice, and to hold those with power accountable to remember “the least of these” when making decisions. 

Wouldn’t it be lovely to live in a nation like that!?!